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New Introductory offer
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Friday, August 13, 2021

About Undone Spirit 333 8-13-21


This is an update. I now have an About Page. I'm putting this post here so you know what's happening with my Blog...yes it says the same thing as my current about page at this time.

Undone Spirit 333 is the Blog of Jessica Berck Hensley

I, Jessica Berck Hensley, write about Spirituality and living with bipolar disorder 1. I define bipolar disorder 1 as mood swings with a side of psychosis. Ha-ha. I’ve been hospitalized recently in a Mental Hospital Facility. It was just what I needed to get back on track.

Now I’m working on some projects that I feel in my heart will help me and you. I’m not only writing, but I’m also making jewelry with healing intentions.

I use gemstones, metal, and beads to make my pieces. They are all similar, but one of a kind since they are made one at a time.

I show my goings on at my social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To be honest, I usually post the same things, just pick which stream you like best. Once in awhile I post things that are different. I am most active on Twitter. There I post different things other then my work that I am promoting and selling though I hope to get back to posting real content on my other channels. But Twitter is accessible to me. It's the easiest for me to use.

I’ve just learned I have a neurological condition called Irlen’s Syndrome. Black Text on White is painful for me to look at. I read White Text on a Dark background better. My website now reflects changes for my vision as I post on here. I need to be able to understand my work better.

I hope you have a nice time wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by.

Blessed Be.