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Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Connection of Protection and the Spirit: A Mini Qabalah Reading with Channelled Art work

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The Connection of Protection and the Spirit: A Mini Qabalah Reading with Channelled Art work


The Connection of Protection and the Spirit Reading with Spirit Song Tarot

Today we’re pulling cards on the Qabalah Tree Pathway 14, Connection. This combines Point 2 Wisdom and Point 3 Understanding with Point 0 Knowledge.


I’m using the Spirit Song Tarot to Pull the Cards Today.


Starting with the right hand side in Wisdom’s Point is Ten of Crystals, also known as Ten of Pentacles (Stability and Attainment). On the left hand side in Understanding’s point is Page of Crystals also known as the Page of Pentacles (Ideas and Discipline). In the Middle point is knowledge read along with Understanding is the King of Crystals also known as the King of Pentacles (Courage and Commitment).


Wisdom: Ten of Crystals, The Alligator. Keywords: Solid foundations, security, success. Concept: Room for growth with a solid foundation in place.


Understanding: Page of Crystals, The Fox. Keywords: Opportunity, new ideas, consistent productivity. Concept: Continue to use resources wisely.


Knowledge: King of Crystals: Tiger Keywords: protection, determination, security, courage, Key concept: Be satisfied with what you have accomplished.


Spirit says the collective whom identifies with this reading is highly connected to their spirit team they are also protected and supported by their Spirit team especially in business.

Take a little form each card and apply the concepts explained to your life and your desires will manifest.


Remember you must always meet spirit half way when manifesting. It’s good to be specific about what your want to leave a little bit open for spirit to help you commit to working on your projects that you are manifesting.


I heard specifically people may be working on crafts to make a living. Remember crafts not only can be made and sold, they can be taught to be made and sold. They are multiple sources of income to be made if you are creative and work with crafts.


That’s the reading. Here is the channeled protection drawing which I did before I pulled the cards. I thought I’d pull cards after since that is what Spirit wanted me to do. You can download this onto your phone. It has no branding. If you liked this reading and download the image and find it helpful, then feel free to leave a donation to my PayPal link on the left hand sidebar of my website if you wish. There is no obligation too, however if does help me to pay for expenses of the website including buying art supplies to make more art.


Thanks for reading.

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Rainy Day Love: A Qabalah Tarot Reading by Jessica Berck Hensley of UndoneSpirit333

Rainy Day Love: A Qabalah Tarot Reading by Jessica Berck Hensley of UndoneSpirit333

A couple of weeks back, I gave you a taste of Qabalah. This week, I’m giving you a buffet, not only will I have the meanings of the cards, I will also have the pathwork messages for you to work if you so choose.

Remember, this a general reading, please take what resonates and disregard what doesn’t. There are over 21 messages in this reading, it most likely won’t all resonate with you.

Also, there is a channelled artwork of one of the pathworks. The most prominent, most popular message I feel. So I made artwork for you to meditate on. It is shaped for use on a phone. You can download it and put it on your lock screen. There is slight branding to prevent theft. If you feel moved, resonation donations are appreciated in exchange for the downloading of the free artwork. But there is no pressure to donate if you are unable too or you don’t feel like donating. It’s fine. I am currently working on a way to make channeled artwork more specific for people and perhaps sell my channelled artworks and open up readings again. But right now I’m only doing collective messages and accepting donations.


Here I go:


Look at the number list below, Then find the points on the tree of life. In between the points are paths to work to help share your life if you so choose. I've made a chart that you can use to see everything in last posts reading. I will list what the pathworked message is after I list the points on the tree of life.


1.      Crown: Ace of Cups

2.       Wisdom: Knight of Swords The Game Master

3.      Understanding: 10 of Disks, Wealth

0  knowledge: The Fool Reversed

4.       Mercy: 7 of Cups Debauch

5.      Strength: 8 of Wands Swiftness

6.   Beauty: 8 of Cups Indolence

7.       Victory: X. The Wheel of Fortune

8.     Splendor: 7 of Swords Futility

9.     Foundation: VI. The Lovers

10  Gate: XVII The Star


Bottom of the Deck Energy VII Justice


The number 8 shows up three times in this reading. 888 is all about achieving wealth. So someone might get wealthy when they least expect it, simply because they gave up all expectations of being wealthy.


Here are the Pathworks

1-2: Spirit

1-3: Vision

3-2: Connection

3-6: Faith

1-6: Unity

2-6: Substance

3-5: Casualty

2-4: Pleasure

4-5: Blessings

5-6: Virtue

4-6: Awareness

6-8: Action

6-7: Change

5-8: Stability

4-7: Timing

7-8: Mindfulness

8-9: Space

6-9: Alchemy

7-9: Complexity

8-10: Creativity

7-10: Body/Cells

9-10: Manifestation


Here in this reading I am giving you the meaning of the cards and then I will share pathwork meanings for all the pathworks.


Here are the meanings of the cards first, from the Deck, The Urban Tarot:

1.      Crown: Ace of Cups- Love, Respect, honor is number one.

2.      Wisdom: Knight of Swords, The Game Master-Someone is shrewd with their business, partnerships, and friendships based on relationship experience.

3.    Understanding, 10 of Disks Wealth-Someone understands how to make, keep, and spread wealth and money.

0.     Knowledge, The fool reversed. Someone is cautious with every step they take when it comes to making money, 0 is read with 3, Understanding and Knowledge are read together.

4.     Mercy, 7 of Cups Debauch. Someone enjoys letting loose and having fun at the expense of others, also a person may take mercy on someone at a party and hang with them if they are spending time alone. Be careful. It can go wrong or right depending on the path worked.

5.      Strength: 8 of Wands, Swiftness- A message needs to be delivered sooner rather than later.

6.      Beauty, 8 of Cups, Indolence-Laziness in creating drinks for oneself leads to a blanking out on creative ideas. Drinks can be mocktail and/or cocktail based.

7.      Victory: X. The Wheel of Fortune. The fun is just beginning. Something fun will happen if action is taken, or surrender happens, i.e. Release is given perhaps.

8.      Splendor: 7 of Swords, Futility- It is futile to resist love, if one believes love conquers all, then so be it.

9.      Foundation: VI The Lovers, There is a choice to make in love, Does love support me? Do I support love?

10   Gate: XVII The Star- Can I ground my energy as a I fall in love? Can we be friends and lovers?


Bottom of the Deck Cleansing Energy VIII Justice. There is a sense that love can bring a sense of Justice when It is Applied to living everyday.


Pathwork Meanings:

1-2 Spirit: A Shrewd person is allowing their heart to lead them in business, love is a game not a battlefield and so it is fun.

1-3 Vision: Someone is spending money because they are in love with another person and they have a reason why they are doing it.

2-3-0: Connection: Someone is spending their money wisely when it comes to those they love.

3-6: Faith: Someone is spending money effortlessly.

3-5: Casualty: A message on spending money will arrive soon, could be good however caution is advised in investments. Could be a casualty in spending from the past teaches someone a lesson on how to spend money wisely now.

2-4: Pleasure: A businessman or businesswoman enjoys taking coworkers out to dinner. Things may get heated between them. Make sure it is ok to date people at work before going out together. Someone may have to quit their job to date the person of their dreams.

1-6: Unity: What one drinks reflects what one creates.

2-6: Substance: A businessman or businesswoman taking out coworkers may have too many drinks and says silly or inappropriate things. Oops.

4-5: Blessings: A heavy drinker receives a message they will never forget. Could change their life forever.

4-6: Awareness: A heavy drinker realizes they dropped the ball in a relationship or their career.

5-6: Virtue: A release of one form of drinking leads to the passion for another type of drinking. i.e. Cocktails to Mocktails only.

6-7: Change: Cocktails become mocktails. A person who creates cocktails now makes mocktails.

5-8: Stability: A message of love and kindness reaches someone’s love interest.

4-7: Timing: Someone is nice to someone at a party they become friends quickly due to drinking mocktails.

7-8: Mindfulness: Someone chooses to surrender to love.

7-9: Complexity: Fun can happen if love is allowed to blossom.

6-9: Alchemy: Drinking alcohol can tint something to make lust look like love.

8-9: Space: It is futile to resist love, but love must be supported and embraced to exist. It must also be given room to be released.

8-10: Creativity. Be friends before falling in love.

7-10: Body/Cells: It’s fun to be friends, the body feels better when someone is a true friend.

9-10: Manifestation: Support love by being friends and lovers, not just lovers in lust.


Justice comes to those who do right by people when no one is watching. Justice reaches those who stand by and watch while nothing is being done to stop something wrong As well as those who’ve done wrong.


I’ve made a channeled piece of neurographic art for pathwork 9-10 Manifestation. Here it is for you to download and keep. There is slight branding on it. Please consider donating if you feel it helps you in your life. My paypal link is on my sidebar on the left.



I highly recommend doing neurographic art to achieve a good feeling when pathworking. No I haven’t fallen in love again, but I am now on my way to attracting not only a good friend, but also a lover.


Thanks for reading.



Which path fits you? Are there many messages for you or just one for you? Let me now in the comments below. Just be aware, I have to approve comments to stop spam so it may take awhile for your comment to appear in the comment section. If you want to talk to me quicker, you can reach me on social media, links are on the sidebar on the left. Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

What Do I Want From Myself? A Tarot Reading by Jessica Berck Hensley for the Collective Eclipse Season


What Do I Want from Myself? A Tarot Reading

This Tarot Reading has a Tarot Spread based on Qabalah, the Magical Kabbalah. A person can take the meanings here and apply them to different parts of their life.

There are 11 Points on the Tree of Life with 22 pathways to work. Surely you will find an answer here. Or not. It’s up to you to work your Magick. I am merely providing a Guide reflecting Eclipse Energies with a few Decks of my choosing.

Here I go:


Decks used: The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle, by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Out of Print Book becoming an Oracle Deck, How to Like Yourself Now to Survive. By Jessica Berck Hensley, i.e., Me.


I’m using the Qabalah Spread from the book The Elements if Qabalah by Will Parfit from the unmarked page before the introduction to create the layout of this spread. However, in my picture the cards lay differently.


I’m providing a document image that shows the card placements and lists the meanings of the cards and book divination in the Qabalah tree format so you can do your own path work.


Here is the document.


Here are the meanings of the cards so you can do your own path work. After I list the meanings, I will show you my pathworking and a collective pathworking to give some examples so you can do your own on your own.


Card 1: Crown Placement on the Qabalah Tree

2 of Cups, Love

Someone is looking to be your cup of love and you want to be someone’s cup of love.


Card 2: Wisdom Placement on the Qabalah Tree

Princess of Disks, The Kindergarten Teacher

Passion is a messy process. When working on projects, space needs cleansing often.


Card 3: Understanding Placement on the Qabalah Tree

 Knight of Wands, The Rock Star

A rockstar has many people in their life who want them for their fame and fortune not themselves as the truly are when not on stage.


Card 0: Knowledge, Read with Understanding Placement on the Qabalah Tree

Number 51, Be the Bridge, expand your consciousness to behold both worlds. If you’re awake, it’s your job to stay awake and help other people awaken. Keep connections open to help others awaken.


 Card 4: Mercy Placement on the Qabalah Tree

4 of Swords, Truce

It’s time to rest. Help Yourself Relax even if you must work.


Card 5: Strength Placement on the Qabalah Tree

XXI. The Universe, you are an important part of helping people complete their journey. Complete your journey first then show others how to complete theirs.


Card 6: Beauty Placement on the Qabalah Tree

XII. The Hanged Man, you are free to keep yourself tied to what moves you go ahead keep watching the world go by.


Card 7: Victory Placement on the Qabalah Tree

Queen of Disks, The Matriarch

You are the head of the family unit; you are tied to family, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Card 8: Splendor Placement on the Qabalah Tree

 6 of Swords, Science

 You are free of anything holding you back from the life innovations.


Card 9: Foundation Placement on the Qabalah Tree

7 of Disks, Failure Without trying and failing at something you wouldn’t know what works today.


Card 10: Kingdom Placement on the Qabalah Tree

Page 24, become the person you enjoy talking too.

Take all you have learned and create your own talking points, be yourself. Don’t leave out all mistakes, show some of them and show some successes too.


Points 8 and 10 show the path I want to work.

That is Science and Be who I want to talk with.


I take mental health meds every day. But the solution isn’t perfect, but I do know these meds are better then what I used to take and also better than not being on anything.

There are days I wish I didn’t have to take them. Days I think there must be something better.

But I know there isn’t right now. It’s a combination of medicine and writing in my journal these days to be the person I want to be right now.


Points 2-3-0 for the collective path to work.

That is The Kindergarten Teacher, The Rock Star, and Be the Bridge to work path 2-3.

I feel whomever I’m reading for is torn between feeling like there’s always a mess to clean and everything is perfectly clean. Rock Stars have everything done for them, A teacher has to do everything or their students. Someone knows they are a teacher and want to treat their students gently, but they fear a student will rise and want too much for m them and attach themselves to them as if they are a rock star. You can be a teacher and set boundaries to your students, A Rockstar can do the same with fans. There’s no shame in that.


That’s what I have for you during this Eclipse Season, if you like this please share on social media. Thank you. If you want to comment, you can here, I need to approve comments before posting so it may take awhile to see your comment. If you go to my social media pages, you can interact with me there quicker.


Take Care and Blessings.





Friday, October 7, 2022

Divine Power Beacon Activation: A Meditative Tarot/Oracle Drawing Tutorial Video

Link to video hosted on my cloud:

Divine Power Beacon Activation Meditation Tarot/Oracle Drawing

And the YouTube Hosted Link is here.

Above are two links to the video I made of a Meditation Drawing. It contains music I made on Audacity. The song is called Transmuting Pain 852. I've hosted it on my cloud storage. The Meditation Drawing is a Divine Power Beacon I drew by hand. The video contains pictures of how to draw the beacon as well as an explanation of why I drew it. It also shows the cards I used as inspiration. And there is even an interpretation of the cards at the end.

There are no ads on it. I will also be uploading it to YouTube. My channel is small, there usually aren't any ads, but at some point my channel may get bigger and YouTube may want to put ads on my videos, so I am choosing to host my videos so you have access ad free and quiet as well.

The video has pictures of my drawing process. Basically, I drew a sigil, however, I find a person can use these techniques to transmute any news they are given no matter the source. No matter whether they practice Divination Magick or not.

I am choosing to do Tarot Readings for myself and then transmuting the energy though drawing. And then I share them with you.

If you like the drawing and want to use it commercially, please email me for licensing information and fees.

Feel free to draw this drawing at home for your personal use without any charge. However, if you feel this tutorial has helped you, a monetary tip is appreciated.

Thank you for viewing. Once the video is up on YouTube, I will share the link to that one too. I know there are people who'd rather watch on YouTube. 

Frankly, I feel this is a very special video and deserves quiet so I thought a hosted version would work really well for the viewer.

Take Care and thanks for viewing and listening!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Episode 6: Selfish for the Sake of Being Selfless: A Hot Take on Twin Flame Theory, A Podcast

Episode 6: Selfish for the Sake of Being Selfless: A Hot Take on Twin Flame Theory, A Podcast by Jessica Berck Hensley of Undone Spirit 333

Welcome to my podcast Episode 6: Selfish for the sake of being selfless: A Hot Take on Twin Flame Theory by me Jessica Berck Hensley

Fair Warning: There is slight discussion of Inner Child Work. However, this podcast is mostly about the toxic theory of Twin Flame and why it isn’t everything most people tell you it is. I also discuss my mental illness, psychic mediumship, and the effect those things had on my ability to process twin flame theory. This podcast is for me. I hope that you will get something from my selfish behavior for the sake of being selfless. Listening to this Hot take is like a shot of whiskey. It starts out smooth, burns awhile, and then it’s up to you to decide to take the next drink.

New Introductory offer

New Introductory offer
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I now accept tips for my production of content

Hello everyone, including crystal friends : ), I now have a link for you to send tips if you find my content helps you. I call it sending a 'Resonation Donation'. I feel like it sums up how I feel the energy exchange is from me to you and from you to me when it comes to any transactions between us. I put this here because I'm now doing Tarot Readings again on YouTube. My podcasts are more of a public service. My Tarot Readings are also free, however I see them as entertainment, as if I making a show. People who create shows often get paid somehow. My link has my old account name, sketchwriterjess. This is my paypal me account. I have to figure out how to change it but until then, this works. I still am sketchwriterjess on the inside being read aloud here on Undone Spirit 333. : ). Thanks for listening. Take Care, Jess