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New Introductory offer
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Friday, October 22, 2021

Surrendering to the Shore: An Opening to the Joy Filled Path

Surrendering tp the Shore: An Opening to the Joy Filled Path, is a Blog Post by Jessica Berck Hensley from Undone Spirit 333 outlining her time at the shore. There's a new journal tool she came up with, read on until the end to receive yours! 

Hi Crystal Friends,  

On October 17, 2021, I went to the beach after going to the coffee shop. People do this in Florida everyday, well except during extreme weather. Actually, scratch that. Anyway, it sounds like its not a big deal. However, after a year and three-quarters of staying home most of the day, Going outside is a welcome relief.

Below are some questions that I use to break up this chronicle. Follow along with a pen and paper in hand. If you’re into Witchcraft and/or the Law of Attraction there’s a surprise free gift at the end of this reading as an introductory offer to a product I am selling perhaps in the next week. It’s yours if you decide to read all the way to the end! And the best part is it’s yours for life to use over and over again! How does that sound? If you like this offer, then read on.

Surrendering to the Shore: An Opening to the Joy Filled Path  

Here I go!


Are you ready to go outside and enjoy life?

Pumpkin Loaf and an Iced Latte from a local coffee shop near me. It's a familiar brand.


I’m ready to go outside into town to parks, beaches, and cafes. I decided to go to the coffee shop and read a spiritual book on my phone. People were kind to the baristas and each other. It was nice to see that.

Do you like to think in possibility? Or do you like to think in potential?

Sometimes I like to write at the coffee shop. I didn't that day, but felt like this sums up how I feel about possibilities.


I prefer to think in possibility. I feel possibilities are tangible and I can take action to make them real. Potential has no basis in real life. It is only based in reality like a scripted show with no end.

If you are spiritual, how do you manifest your desires?

Tarot Card and Oracle Card Mutual Compassion Spell. It's the inspiration for the new journal tool I developed.


I’m a Witch so I ground myself by studying spirituality and recording my life experience daily. I also use oracle and tarot cards plus Magick Practice to set my manifestation intent.

What do you need to do to meet what you set out to create?

I did the spell the night before I went to the shore. It felt so good for my feet to meet the water. It felt etherial to walk on the wet sand and to meet the water half way and wash over my feet. I feel Law of Attraction is similar.


I feel I need to experience love, joy, and peace. I need to meet anything I create with those three principles in mind.

How do you place yourself in the best position to manifest your desire?

Heading for home from Ocean Ridge Park. Ran out my time in the car eating a soft pretzal and drinking a red sports drink.

I allow myself to feel and sink into what comes up out of my soul. I let it out through talking with Spirit. I am at home when I do this.

Have you thought about your answers to these questions? Would you like something to help you see all your answers at a glance on your device for easy reference?

Look no further. I’ve got phone wallpapers made by me from art I made with sections for answers to each of these questions for you to look at a glance to help you on your path to manifesting your desires. Just click on the pictures of the phone wallpapers below, download to your phone, then resize in an editor app if needed. After that add your text in the five areas mapped out on the wallpaper.

Think of keywords from your answers to title each box. Break the answers down until they are just a few phrases. Plug those in the areas for text and you have a manifesting wallpaper! The best part is you get to keep this forever and use it as often as you’d like.

You can even download and keep the samples I made, with my own font I created, that have the answers to the questions listed. My original answers were based on thinking of the 5 Elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether so I wrote those in the boxes. I am a Witch, so I consider the 5 elements my Guide to living my life.

Then I had shorter answers with these keywords in mind. Please be aware that the wallpapers I’ve designed do have my watermark of my Copyright with my name and my web address on them so I can protect my idea. It is at the bottom of the wallpaper so as not to take up the precious amount of space for you to use to manifest your desires.

I will be selling Unmarked wallpapers in the shop perhaps as soon as next week so if you’d rather have an unmarked manifesting wallpaper, then you can purchase them once they are in the shop.

I hope this post helps you surrender to what moves you. What helps you surrender to the divine and manifest? Is it the ocean meeting your feet, like me? If not, then what? There are no wrong answers. It’s all up to you my crystal friends.

Take Care and Blessed Be.



Sunday, September 19, 2021

My Crystal Healing Journey: Supplemental Pain Management with Conventional Treatment Log 9-19-21

My Crystal Healing Journey: Supplemental Pain Management with Conventional Treatment Log 9-19-21

Hi Crystal Friends,

I came up with a way to do crystal healing efficiently and more comfortably. I've set the Crystals into ring jewelry. Read on to see how I've helped myself heal.

I use Astrology combined with Crystals to help myself heal my mind, body, and spirit.

It all starts with my Astrology Placement in the House and then the Sign and Planet are looked at to determine what and how things need to work so I'm not stressed out about my creative expression all the time. Here are some examples of what I'm done so far in terms of how I make the rings, what crystals I use, and the materials I use to make the rings. I will also tell you about how the materials affect the focus of the crystal healing. Here I go!

Recently, two months ago, I was only taking a Mood Stabilizer for my Bipolar Disorder Treatment. I tried a new anti-psychotic and that caused damage to my brain and body so I had to stop taking it. I thought perhaps my brain was healed sufficiently since I had been on medication for my Mental Illness for 15 years. I never quit them. However, the mood stabalizers weren't enough.

I was stressed out from going online all the time. I kept internalizing the world's problems and my friends' problems. I couldn't help anyone and instead just felt like I was taking the heat for things I didn't personally do wrong. Then there were people I disagreed with whole-heartedly on how life is meant to be lived and I flipped. I flipped because I hated my life. I was unsatisfied with it. I wasn't suicidal, but I felt like I had nothing to offer the world anymore but chanelling and fighting people online over mental illness jokes.

I had a melt down in front of my parents. I was angry about feeling like I'm holding down the fort while others go about their lives doing things I've only dreamed of. I wasn't happy with where I was at. I needed to go somewhere that I could break down and break through again like I did 15 years ago. Except this time I actually went to a mental hospital. The last psychotic break I had I was sent home with a pill to take and given outpatient visits to a psychiatrist. Not this time. This time I was manic enough that there was no way I could just take a pill at home and become normal again. I needed more intense treatment.

I was in the mental facility for 5 days. I didn't have my glasses. I can see clearly two feet ahead so I was fine there. I met people of different backgrounds. We all had Bipolar Disorder. I was in the loud ward, not the quiet one. That's how manic I was. When I arrived at the hospital, I had hallucinations. I was able to sleep though. I needed it. The next night I was given antipsychotic meds. The one's I used to take before I took the one's that rewired my brain. I was relieved to have the medicine for my mental illness needs. But the medicine has physical side effects such as weight gain. I have diabetes and high cholesterol as a result of taking it for 15 years. I wasn't happy about that, but I was glad to be more calm.

During my manic state I was irritable. I have an article on here about how I liked being on the mood stabilizers only. I thought I was Bipolar 2 before I ever got diagnosed with Bipolar 1. The thing is, before I got diagnosed I had two moods. Irritable and Happy. Rarely did I have depression. I only got depression when I started talking with people online 15 years ago. They were a different group of people then who I meet now a days. They were some of the worst people I ever met and I got cut from their group in a cold way. It took at least five years to stop having flash backs about my interactions with them.

This time at the mental hospital, I felt like people understood me and I understood them. I also felt like for the first time in a long time, people who cared for me were giving to me with no conditions attached. I was receiving the help I needed just because I needed the help. All I had to do was ask for help. They gave me meds and I was able to go outside with the group there to play in the courtyard. I also was able to color a black and white coloring page the whole time I was there over the 5 days. There was only 40 minutes for the sessions and I finished in time. I still have it.

There were people I met that I haven't forgotten. I probably never will forget them. I tried to contact a few with their phone numbers but some went no where, and some never got back to me. The people were also in healing at the time so it's possible they are in a different state of mind since they met me.

Now that I've told you all this, I will tell you about why I got into Crystals to help me heal. I did so because I currently take medicine that causes me health problems. Currently there are no other medicines I can take for my mental illness. Now it looks like all of the new medicines have an antidepressant component to them. My medicine cocktail used to contain an antidepressant. Taking antidepressants is bad for me because they make me more manic. When I was on an antipsychotic I tried earlier this year it made me manic. I talked to myself out loud all day. I could barely sleep. It was hard to walk or do exercise. If I ate certain things I couldn't breathe right. It was terrible. But I wasn't sure what to do.

The current antipsychotic I'm on isn't perfect, but without the antidepressant it works much better for me. I realize now that the antidepressant was the problem.

I am manic most of the year. My depression usually happens sometime before a menstrual cycle. And sometimes I don't get that, I get more manic. I've been manic most of my life since I first got my period. I still believe there is a Bipolar related to my period. Perhaps it's more to moon cycles though.

Because I take medicine that causes health problems I need something to supplement my treatment. The crystals have energy in them. I can charge them with my body and use them to help my body, to help self-diagnose issues. I still take my medicine and always will unless a new treatment comes along through conventional medicine.

So I have Bipolar 1, Mania and Depression with Psychotic episodes. I lose touch with reality if I don't take my medicine for my mental illness. When I lose touch with reality, I am in pain because I know I'm not meant to be going insane. I'm meant to be calm and feel better as often as I can.

I used to make jewelry as a business. I made pretty jewelry. People bought it. I never sold enough of it. It is a lot of work to make any jewelry piece and I wasn't receiving a return on investment in materials or in fufillment.

I've done jewelry off and on for years and then I realized if I make jewelry, I can transport the crystals to whatever area of my body I want. I don't have to balance them on my body. I make rings. I put the ring on my hand and place my hand on the part of the body I need to diagnose.

I use Astrology to determine the finger I put the ring on as well as the crystal I use in the ring. I use the signs element, fire, water, air, or earth to determine where to put the ring. Then I choose a crystal for the ring based on Planetary placement in the sign and house that will help me diagnose my problem.

My first one was the Saturn placement in Virgo in my third house. I have a system I use to correspond houses with the body and chakra areas, or what I call energy centers. For me the third house rules the throat, shoulders, arms, and hands. I feel like those areas were where my stress was. Virgo to me represents the stomach. So I realized that my words or lack of words caused me stomach problems. And it also led to constipation. Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn rules waste elimination from the body and the root chakra. I felt like I figured it out.

How I did it was by turning the ring inward and using my dominant hand to apply the crystal energy. The crystal is encased in glass beads. So it's like a slow radiant energy that is applied to the stomach. I felt some pain before I applied the crystal. Tiger's Eye is the Crystal. I applied pressure with the crystal and I felt more pain, a dull ache. I sat with a stomach ache for 15 minutes and I thought about all the stress that I was under. So much had to do with holding back and not being able to speak to the people I want to speak to most.


Once I moved my hand away from my stomach, I sat and spoke with my Spirit Guides. I told them my findings. I think people underestimate how much stress is a factor in physical pain. I know I did. I still do, but am more aware of it now. The same night I felt like I would eliminate the waste from my body, it happened when I woke up in the morning. I hadn't eliminated waste from my body in 4 days. Constipation is another side effect of my antipsychotic. Also I've had problems with constipation since I was young.

I consulted with Spirit and they gave me medical advice. I won't share it here because what works for me may not work for you. The important thing is that I share how I was able to heal my constipation issues with intention through crystal work.

Now I'm working on rings in twelve stone choices, one for each sign. And I've got three ring options. I'll explain more about my jewelry in the upcoming weeks.

I hope I have inspired you to use crystals to help you heal. You don't have to have the crystals set in jewelry to help you heal, but I feel it's less awkward and more direct when I use my crystal rings.

Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be,