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Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Birth of a New Idea May Lead to Abundance, A Qabalah Tarot Reading

The Birth of a New Idea May Lead to Abundance, A Qabalah Tarot Reading


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Video to see reading:

Welcome to this Qabalah Tarot reading. Tonight, we are exploring the pathwork #31 Creativity between Tree of Life Points #8 Splendor and #10 Gate.

I’ve brought my Qabalah Cards out to help demonstrate the concepts of this pathwork we are working.

Tonight, from the Angel Tarot I’ve pulled an Angel Card to help guide this reading. Thank you, Angel Ieiaiel (Yeh-Yah-Yel) for helping us connect to universal source energy to receive any blessings associated with this reading.

Ieiaiel is the “Right Hand of God”, they embrace the concepts of fame and renown. Commerce, voyages, and great discoveries. They help create philanthropic ideas on the liberal arts side of living.

Specific numbers I am receiving for you to look out for are angel numbers 111, 777,888, and specifically to Ieiaiel 1221.

Crystals helping me channel tonight are Aventurine, Dessert Rose Selenite, Amazonite, and Selenite.

Ieiaiel from the angel tarot deck is 3 of Cups Energy. Social energy. You may do a great deal of socializing as this new idea is birthed. However, you need to be careful.

The other Tarot Deck I’m using is The Aquarian Tarot. Last, but not least I have a drawing that I channeled for this message that is hanging up on the wall here. It’s a neurographic style drawing.

I’ve already dealt the cards and looked at them to channel all messages. But first let’s discuss the drawing I created in the background.

Channeled message for drawing:

There is a specific message of someone connected to children that is creating a snack or drink, specifically something sweet that is a healthy alternative to what is currently out there in the food marketplace. Someone has a product that has multiple options.

The message is don’t release the product before you’ve created the prototype. It’s possible if you share too much about this idea that someone else will become you competition or establish the competition.

Don’t release the idea before it’s ready to be released.

Now, let’s get into the Tarot Pathworking to delve deeper into this message. Are there obstacles or Blessings associated with this channeled message.

Let’s check the cards.

In Qabalah Point #8 Splendor Mercury Energy we have XIX The Sun, this is auspicious. A great start to your path on birthing new ideas. You’ll shed light on health and well being with your creations perhaps.

The other point on the Qabalah is #10 Gate, Earth Energy. We have the Four of Pentacles. Be careful that you don’t talk yourself out of the big idea or the idea no one is doing yet. Also, no need to be possessive over your idea because it’s an idea that can change the health industry. Competition is healthy but first you need to establish the competition for it to start.

Pathwork we have #31 Creativity. And the High Priestess, this is Fire Energy for the Pathwork and Water energy for the card. You’re being asked not to release your idea so soon. You need to become an authority on what you are doing to succeed.

Bottom of the deck Page of Swords. People will have their eyes on you. Don’t tell people what you’re doing with your ideas unless you trust them. Someone may be chatty and suspicious and ask too many questions.

Last, I’m going to channel words and sentiments from the crystals. The sentiments about the crystals are in the video, not in this post. Please watch the video for further guidance.

Here are the words for the crystals: Aventurine =Vibration, Desert Rose=Respect, Amazonite=Honor, And Selenite=Love.

I’m going to let these candles burn down to ground this manifestation for whoever this is for.

If you want to download the artwork form my website here,, you can for free. However, if you have the means to donate, resonation donations are appreciated but are not required for you to download the artwork. Donations help me buy candles, crystals, and the occasional deck as well as art supplies. So, every little bit helps offset the cost.

This reading is up on the website at the time this video is posted. There are a few more messages in the video than in this post.

Take Care, enjoy your night where ever you are.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Mind Your Peace And Quiet: A Qabalah Tarot Reading

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There is a shorrt video for this reading:

Mind Your Peace And Quiet: A Qabalah Tarot Reading


Tonight Spirit Want me to pull on the Pathwork mindfulness. Spirit also wants me to pull a card for the Pathwork and share the bottom of the deck energy.


There I no artwork tonight, only a channeled message.


The points on the tree of life being pulled on are, 7 Victory, 8 Splendor, and the Pathwork 27 Mindfulness. They also want me to pull on the Pathwork 25 Alchemy which crosses mindfulness. I don’t need to pull the point for it though.


Deck Used is Healing Light Tarot. On the left is the Ace of Wands, In the Center is the Queen of Swords. On the bottom below the center is VII Chariot. On the right is the Ace of Cups. Bottom of the Deck Energy is the 10 of Swords.


Love can transmute nasty energy. The pain will end for your soon. Keep to your boundaries. Charge ahead with love when someone treats you with respect. If someone is nasty to you. Be kind to them anyway. There are nice ways to tell people to leave you alone. I originally channeled something like F Off, but decided since I was making a video I better keep it clean.

There is someone who is interested in dating you, Don’t allow nasty people to get in the way of you dating someone you are interested in. You can tell the person to back off. Don’t wish harm on them. The divine will take care of them if they’ve caused you harm.


There’s a short video with this on You Tube at the top.

There’s a little more in there in addition to what I wrote here. If you like this style of reading please let me know.

Donations aren’t required but are greatly appreciated, you can make a resonation donation through my paypal link on the side bar of my website.

Thanks for reading and viewing. Take Care.

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