My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley

My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley
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Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Gateway Tarot Spread


Hi Crystal Friends

I've made a tarot spread with free editable files for you to download. Not only that I have a diagram for you in this post to look at before you download the phone wallpapers.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Surrendering to the Shore: An Opening to the Joy Filled Path

Surrendering tp the Shore: An Opening to the Joy Filled Path, is a Blog Post by Jessica Berck Hensley from Undone Spirit 333 outlining her time at the shore. There's a new journal tool she came up with, read on until the end to receive yours! 

Hi Crystal Friends,  

On October 17, 2021, I went to the beach after going to the coffee shop. People do this in Florida everyday, well except during extreme weather. Actually, scratch that. Anyway, it sounds like its not a big deal. However, after a year and three-quarters of staying home most of the day, Going outside is a welcome relief.

New Introductory offer

New Introductory offer
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I now accept tips for my production of content

Hello everyone, including crystal friends : ), I now have a link for you to send tips if you find my content helps you. I call it sending a 'Resonation Donation'. I feel like it sums up how I feel the energy exchange is from me to you and from you to me when it comes to any transactions between us. I put this here because I'm now doing Tarot Readings again on YouTube. My podcasts are more of a public service. My Tarot Readings are also free, however I see them as entertainment, as if I making a show. People who create shows often get paid somehow. My link has my old account name, sketchwriterjess. This is my paypal me account. I have to figure out how to change it but until then, this works. I still am sketchwriterjess on the inside being read aloud here on Undone Spirit 333. : ). Thanks for listening. Take Care, Jess