My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley

My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley
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About Undone Spirit 333

Undone Spirit 333 is the Blog of Jessica Berck Hensley

I, Jessica Berck Hensley, write about Spirituality and living with bipolar disorder 1. I define bipolar disorder 1 as mood swings with a side of psychosis. Ha-ha. I’ve been hospitalized recently in a Mental Hospital Facility. It was just what I needed to get back on track.

Now I’m working on some projects that I feel in my heart will help me and you. I’m not only writing, but I’m also making jewelry with healing intentions.

I use gemstones, metal, and beads to make my pieces. They are all similar, but one of a kind since they are made one at a time.

It's taking time to make the jewelry so I am creating Witchy inspired wallpapers for your device of choice. I offer a free sample of most of them with a watermark.   

I show my goings on at my social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To be honest, I usually post the same things, just pick which stream you like best. Once in awhile I post things that are different. I am most active on Twitter. There I post different things other then my work that I am promoting and selling though I hope to get back to posting real content on my other channels. But Twitter is accessible to me. It's the easiest for me to use.

I’ve just learned I have a neurological condition called Irlen’s Syndrome. Black Text on White is painful for me to look at. I read White Text on a Dark background better. My website now reflects changes for my vision as I post on here. I need to be able to understand my work better.

I hope you have a nice time wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by.

Blessed Be.

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New Introductory offer

New Introductory offer
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I now accept tips for my production of content

Hello everyone, including crystal friends : ), I now have a link for you to send tips if you find my content helps you. I call it sending a 'Resonation Donation'. I feel like it sums up how I feel the energy exchange is from me to you and from you to me when it comes to any transactions between us. I put this here because I'm now doing Tarot Readings again on YouTube. My podcasts are more of a public service. My Tarot Readings are also free, however I see them as entertainment, as if I making a show. People who create shows often get paid somehow. My link has my old account name, sketchwriterjess. This is my paypal me account. I have to figure out how to change it but until then, this works. I still am sketchwriterjess on the inside being read aloud here on Undone Spirit 333. : ). Thanks for listening. Take Care, Jess