My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley

My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley
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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Episode 4, Flex-Time Management: Cutting Away What Gets in the Way, A Podcast

Episode 4, Flex-Time Management: Cutting Away What Gets in the Way, 

A Podcast by Jessica Berck Hensley of Undone Spirit 333

Fair Warning: This podcast delves deep into why the process of making money from my creative journey is a challenge. I offer advice here for you who listen, that helps me stay on track and complete my projects. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tender and Sore, Extinguishing the Flame (Poetry and Prose) A Blog Post on Caring

Poem and Prose on Caring

I've written a poem and prose piece on making peace on caring  If this resonates, I'm interested in your comments.

Tender and Sore (A Poem)

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Writing an essay based on a poem: A creative writing exercise, a blog post

I've got a poem based on my thoughts and feelings about a current relationship to use as a basis on a longer piece. I've written an essay based on the poem below.

New Introductory offer

New Introductory offer
Read this blog post!

I now accept tips for my production of content

Hello everyone, including crystal friends : ), I now have a link for you to send tips if you find my content helps you. I call it sending a 'Resonation Donation'. I feel like it sums up how I feel the energy exchange is from me to you and from you to me when it comes to any transactions between us. I put this here because I'm now doing Tarot Readings again on YouTube. My podcasts are more of a public service. My Tarot Readings are also free, however I see them as entertainment, as if I making a show. People who create shows often get paid somehow. My link has my old account name, sketchwriterjess. This is my paypal me account. I have to figure out how to change it but until then, this works. I still am sketchwriterjess on the inside being read aloud here on Undone Spirit 333. : ). Thanks for listening. Take Care, Jess