My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley

My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley
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Friday, October 7, 2022

Divine Power Beacon Activation: A Meditative Tarot/Oracle Drawing Tutorial Video

Link to video hosted on my cloud:

Divine Power Beacon Activation Meditation Tarot/Oracle Drawing

And the YouTube Hosted Link is here.

Above are two links to the video I made of a Meditation Drawing. It contains music I made on Audacity. The song is called Transmuting Pain 852. I've hosted it on my cloud storage. The Meditation Drawing is a Divine Power Beacon I drew by hand. The video contains pictures of how to draw the beacon as well as an explanation of why I drew it. It also shows the cards I used as inspiration. And there is even an interpretation of the cards at the end.

There are no ads on it. I will also be uploading it to YouTube. My channel is small, there usually aren't any ads, but at some point my channel may get bigger and YouTube may want to put ads on my videos, so I am choosing to host my videos so you have access ad free and quiet as well.

The video has pictures of my drawing process. Basically, I drew a sigil, however, I find a person can use these techniques to transmute any news they are given no matter the source. No matter whether they practice Divination Magick or not.

I am choosing to do Tarot Readings for myself and then transmuting the energy though drawing. And then I share them with you.

If you like the drawing and want to use it commercially, please email me for licensing information and fees.

Feel free to draw this drawing at home for your personal use without any charge. However, if you feel this tutorial has helped you, a monetary tip is appreciated.

Thank you for viewing. Once the video is up on YouTube, I will share the link to that one too. I know there are people who'd rather watch on YouTube. 

Frankly, I feel this is a very special video and deserves quiet so I thought a hosted version would work really well for the viewer.

Take Care and thanks for viewing and listening!

New Introductory offer

New Introductory offer
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I now accept tips for my production of content

Hello everyone, including crystal friends : ), I now have a link for you to send tips if you find my content helps you. I call it sending a 'Resonation Donation'. I feel like it sums up how I feel the energy exchange is from me to you and from you to me when it comes to any transactions between us. I put this here because I'm now doing Tarot Readings again on YouTube. My podcasts are more of a public service. My Tarot Readings are also free, however I see them as entertainment, as if I making a show. People who create shows often get paid somehow. My link has my old account name, sketchwriterjess. This is my paypal me account. I have to figure out how to change it but until then, this works. I still am sketchwriterjess on the inside being read aloud here on Undone Spirit 333. : ). Thanks for listening. Take Care, Jess