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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Music in my Soul, A Message from the Holy Spirit for whomever desires it.

Music in my Soul, A Message from the Holy Spirit for Whomever Desires it.


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Tarot Card Reading for Music in My Soul

Music in My Soul Channeled Art Phone Wallpaper

Music in my Soul, A Message from the Holy Spirit for whomever desires it.

The video can be viewed at this link:


Hello everyone,


I’m here to give you a Tarot and Oracle reading with a channeled message from The Holy Spirit. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me deliver this message. And thank you viewers for viewing the video and/or reading this message. There is more in the video that is not in the written message. You can download this channeled artwork here on the undonespirit333 website for your phone for free. Resonation Donations are appreciated and accepted but not expected. Resonation Donations go to helping me buy candles, art supplies, and decks to do more readings.

Let’s start:

We start with the Oracle card from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck, “The Holy Spirit”. “Expect miracles, remember that only love is real, miracles will occur naturally. Spirit has your back.” And paraphrased from the book that is in this oracle deck set “Let love shine from your heart.”


Next, we go to the Qabalah Cards. #8 Splendor Mercury Energy, #9 Foundation Moon Energy, and Pathwork #30 Space Sun energy. There are record companies that have the names of these planets.


I’m also pulling from the Numerology Deck and the Spirit Within Tarot for the meanings of the Pathwork.


#77 Spirituality and Two of Pentacles- Life is a balancing act of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Same goes for making music.

#9 Completion and Ten of Pentacles- You are on your way to making money with your music after years of not being able to do so.

#13 Effort and Ace of Swords- Be sure to shed light on the truth in your music.


Selenite Message – Be Kind to your competition above all else. Don’t worry about anyone stealing your content. Get a publisher to publish your music if you are concerned about that.


Music in my Soul Channeled Message from the Art- Face you fear and create your music with grace and gratitude. Respect your competition. Respect Yourself.


If you are on YouTube and watch this video be sure to like and subscribe to my channel to see more of this style of content. Comments are open there. You can comment here but I must moderate the comments on the blog to prevent spam so it may take time to show up.


Remember that there is a little more content in the video then in this written message so watch the video if you want more specific messages. It’s around 7 minutes long.


Thanks for viewing and listening. Have a blessed night wherever you are.




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