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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Episode 1, Twinflame Journey: The Doorway to Co-Creation: A Podcast, from Undone Spirit 333 by Jessica Berck Hensley


Episode 1, The Twinflame Journey: The Doorway to Co-Creation: A Podcast, from Undone Spirit 333 by Jessica Berck Hensley

Trigger Warning: This Podcast discusses the topic of Sexual Abuse. If talk of Sexual Abuse Triggers you then please do not listen to Episode 1.

This is the first episode of a Series of Podcasts on the theme of Co-Creation. Twinflameship is the doorway to helping balance karma in people who are healing from Trauma from this life and past lives. I believe they Co-Create in this life in order to heal. They push and pull each other in order to create the place within themselves to heal.

In this Podcast I share my Twinflame Journey and how I feel it has helped me and can potentially help heal who I feel is my Twinflame is.

Sexual Abuse is a topic here because I experienced it when I was younger. It's possible my Twinflame has too. I don't know, he has acted in a very unusual way towards me since I've known him and I think he acted out of pain from his past.

I share my experience in dream world and in real life that sheds light on what I feel the Twinflame Journey is about.

If you resonate with the podcast feel free to leave comments below. Take Care and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Episode 1: Listen Here

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