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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Episode 3: Self-Love, The First Step to Becoming a Better Co-Creator


Fair Warning: In this podcast I discuss different types of jealousy in regards to earning success and how that affects those who are working to become successful. If you have heard the phrase ’’the world doesn’t revolve around you’’, I have put this podcast together so you can become a better co-creator and leave behind jealous behavior you’ve come across on your way to success. However, remember it is easy to become jealous as well. No one is immune to it. 

Ready to hear more on this phenomenon in human culture, Listen to this podcast. Here I go:...

Here are the questions that I discuss in Episode 3 on developing your own creative journey:

Questions by Jessica Berck Hensley from Undone Spirit 333 for the Podcast:

Episode 3: Self-Love, The First Step to Becoming a Better Co-Creator

Who are you Questions:

1. What if you decided to accept your natural state of being?

2. What if you chose to think of how your actions not only affect others but how they affect yourself?

3. How do you actions affect your natural state of being?

Creative Project Questions

1. Do you work on your creative projects for the sake of creating? If not why are you doing your creative project?

2. When creating a project, do you think about the affect it may have on others you share your project with?

3. Are you able to accept the positive and negative responses of your audience after they expose themselves to the creative project you share in public?

Goal Questions

1. What do you wish you had accomplished by this point in your life?

2. Are the things you wished you had accomplished by this point in your life what you want to do with your life now?

3. What options do you have available to you right now to help you accomplish your life goals?

4. What steps can you take to accomplish your life goals?

If you find these questions helpful, let me know below!

Thanks for Listening!

Listen to Episode 3 Here


  1. Very interesting but I have a hard time relating to jealousy because I'm not jealous. I'm satisfied with me. There are things I wish I could do, but nothing I would lose sleep over or berate myself for. I have found your questions very helpful. I have implemented a plan to help me channel my love for crocheting and yarn. It is working. And, I shared it on line and someone else said my ideas were helpful to her. So thank you for being able to synthesize issues and provide for active thinking.

    1. You're Welcome Fredi😊 I'm glad you find my podcast and questions helpful. I wish you success with your crochet projects.


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