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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tender and Sore, Extinguishing the Flame (Poetry and Prose) A Blog Post on Caring

Poem and Prose on Caring

I've written a poem and prose piece on making peace on caring  If this resonates, I'm interested in your comments.

Tender and Sore (A Poem)

Too close to fly

too far to fall

My third eye

is against the wall

My gut turns

when trust is sour

A flame burns

every hour

I count the time

I spent crying

about some slime

spilt from lying

Truth costs more

in real life

My caring bore

my greatest strife


Extinguishing the Flame (A Prose Poem)

"I don't care" is another way to say "I'm not interested".

I thought of an argument I had with someone I trusted.

I realized that if I don’t tell them how I feel care is talked of and shown, then they don’t know what I would like from them in terms of showing how they care about me.

I also need to find out what I can say and do to show them I care about them.

Sometimes telling someone “I care” gets me a response like this:

“No one cares what you have to say”.

I decide now that I’ll take them at their word, and I will let them fall on their own. I will not take care of them; I will let life do so.

If a person shows me, they are only interested in themself and what I can give them, then I will cut them out of my life as they are not interested in the best, I have to offer them.

I give my heart and soul because I want to help people. I have genuine reasons and selfish reasons why I do it. When I give to people, I feel needed and wanted. I know that if my selfish reasons are at the root of why I give in a relationship or friendship, then it’s not as valuable as I thought.

However, I know the main reason for why I give so much to others, especially in the form of sharing about my life through writing and podcasting, is because I don’t like feeling alone when I go through tough situations. I feel like if they see that I’ve been through what they’re going through, then they can get though it with less pain then I did.

In this next example, I’m speaking of friendship and on how things can go well as that is what I know currently:

I know in some friendships I’ve made; I’ve known the person for years and we’ve helped each other with problems we each face. Then we’ll have a large disagreement on something personal to me. The person will have a difference of viewpoint from mine that’s hard to bounce back from. I’ve expressed my concerns about how I felt they treated me and the problem I faced, and it worked out better then I could have hoped. The situation was resolved and we each learned something about ourselves.

I see giving care this way:

If I think of care as interest, then a person who tells me or shows me they don’t care about me is uninterested in me and is no longer worth investing my time in being friends with them.

I’m not interested in how they feel or think about me cutting them loose once they prove to me that they are no longer worth investing my energy into.

I am free to meet new people who are interested in me giving my care and consideration to them.

I lit the flame and it’s up to me to put it out.


  1. Love the poem!

    You bring up some excellent points in your prose piece. It requires real maturity to realize that some people just aren't going to give you what you need. Everyone on social media thinks they're giving, but they're not. They are free to offend. They are free to be selfish they are free to be mean, nasty and ugly. They are also free to be kind and loving, but anonymous hatefulness seems to be where it's at. So, you are brave and right to cut them off. No apologies or explanations necessary.


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