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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Astrology From the Perspective of Bipolar I: One Patient's Journey into Spirituality, A Blog Post

Astrology From the Perspective of Bipolar I: One Patient's Journey into Spirituality, A Blog Post by Jessica Berck Hensley of Undone Spirit 333

Early this morning I found the key to the moments that set my life on fire by comparing two different styles of Astrology charts. I used a Siderial Chart And a Tropical Chart.

The difference between Siderial time and Tropical time in Astrology.

A Siderial Chart is based on the Stars and Planets in place on a person's birth time as Earth orbits around the Sun. The Tropical chart focuses on the Stars and Planets motion around the Earth at the moment of birth.

Siderial Time is Earth Centered. Tropical Time is Air centered. This is an important point as I begin this story of my spiritual journey and how I used Astrology to help me see where I've been and how I can do better now.

Where my study of Astrology began

When I was 14, I just fell for my second crush. I wanted to know when we would marry. I decided Astrology was the best way to help me figure this out. It didn't, so I bought Tarot Cards a year later. Those didn't help either. My Mom bought me a pendulum set. Looking Back the pendulum gave me initials. But my crush wasn't there. So, I stopped using that too.

In college, I had another crush. It wasn't going anywhere so I went to an Astrologer at a market. She said I'd meet the one I'd marry in my late thirties. I didn't want to wait until then. So I wasn't sure what to do. I was having social issues with my roomates. I was going to therapy on Campus. I had to drop out of classes because the work load was too much. I was contemplating leaving college.

A gift: An Astrology Reading about my place in the world

My Mom bought me a present for my 19th Birthday. An Astrology Reading at a New Age Shop in a small sleepy village 30 minutes away from where we lived in Northern Virgina. The first words out of the Astrologer's mouth were "Are you certain you were born at the time your Mom stated?" I said yes, it's on the birth certificate. She said " Oh wow. Hmm." My Mom said she was going to go shopping in another part of the block. So it was just me and the Astrologer.

The Astrologer closed the shop to give me my reading in private. We sat down and she pressed record on a casette tape recorder. The Astrology reading was in session.

She strarted out talking about Greek Mythology and the four elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Then she told me that I was going to come across a lot of nasty people and that I needed to learn how to stand up to them. That I was too week and needed to be strong.

Then she told me that I needed to make my health a priority because there was a big event I needed to prepare for. Giving up meat and becoming a vegetarian was one thing, drinking water was another.

After that she said I would "go completely nuts". She said that during that time I needed to study deities. She said they would help put things in perspective after the painful confusing, yet enlightening breakthrough.

After that she told me that if I wanted to do art for my career, that I should do something people could use. This broke my heart. I loved painting and drawing. I also loved jewelry making though so that wasn't the worst advice.

But here's the thing that has stuck out in my mind over the years. She said that romance was tough and I would meet "the one" but that there are other people in the world and finding a compatable person who isn't "the one" is just as good.

Here is the thing that has stood out the most as the thing that is truly senseless. I go through a spiritual transformation that is painful and scary and learn to fight for myself all to end up with a "compatible" person, not someone who I feel strongly connected too? Not someone who is spiritual like me and matches my energy?

After that she handed me an Astrology Chart with no notes, just a computer drawn set of graphics. It was a Siderial Chart. On my own, I learned about Astrology from Tropical Time. Little did I know that it was only half the puzzle to the mystery of what my life was about.

I listened to the tape weekly. Taking in everything she said to heart. There were some life events I experienced that support what she predicted would happen in my early and mid-twenties. I used to think it was self-fulling prophesy only.

My own Astrology Reading I give to myself today

Just this morning,  I looked at both charts to get the whole picture and it's all there. And she is at the center of it. This is not meant to blame. In fact I'm stating this because this person was a key part of my learning about my life purpose. The planet in both charts at the same degree in the same sign in two houses. The house on work and health on the tropical chart, and the house of love and business partnership in the siderial chart.

What I've learned is that the Siderial Chart shows the blueprint for a person's life. It shows what events are meant to happen or not happen. It also shows what age they will happen at. And aspects show direct correlations between events that can affect the person and how they choose to handle them.

The tropical chart is similar, however it shows the ideal way that life can go. It shows the positive actions that can be taken to soften the blow of life lessons. It also shows the challenges a person faces in handling certain life events.

I believe in reincarnation so I see the Siderial Chart as a karmic chart and the Tropical chart as the present life chart. When used together, understanding my life purpose and how I have arrived here is the greatist gift I've given myself.

I know myself more now than I ever have before

The Astrologer told me I needed to stand up for myself. I did. I told myself what was true for myself by looking at the whole picture. Not just the things I wanted to hear. And not just the things I was "supposed" to listen too. I took in everything in.

I'm able to see from my analysis I'm where I'm meant to be. And since I've read my own chart using my study of Astrology, I can proove to myself that no matter whether my decisions were wrong, risky, or right, I learned from all of them. I took strategies from my Mental Health Study, through therapy, and have learned how to deal with being triggered by things I can't control the outcome of.

I've learned that had I just followed my intuition about my psychic abilities instead of trying to fight them with logical thought I'd be happier.

My experience on combining Sideral and Tropical Time in Astrology Readings

I think Astrology, for me, can best be summed up as a roadtrip across the country. You have a destination, I call it wisdom. There is a destination and before I get there I have restaurants to go to, stores to shop at, gas stations to get fueled up, and hotels to sleep in. Not only that there are attractions such as National Parks and Amusement Parks to see.

Some places won't be as nice as I thought they'd be. Some can be downright dirty. Others will be better than I ever thought they could be. But after the road trip I will have gained knowledge of where I've been, where I want to revisit, and where I don't ever want to go again. And then I can figure out my plans for the next road trip.

Have you ever had someone read your natal chart? Did it help you on your Spiritual Journey? Let me know in the comments below.

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