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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Understanding Bipolar I and Psychic Mediumship Ability: One Patient's Experience, A Blog Post

Understanding Bipolar I and Psychic Mediumship Ability: One Patient's Experience, A Blog Post

I have a story to share with you. I'm a Psychic
Medium. I'm 97% accurate in my abilities. 

And I have Bipolar I, which is Bipolar with a psychotic element. This type of Bipolar not only has High and Low Moods, i.e. mood swings, it has a diagnosis that says the patient has had at least one psychotic break before being diagnosed with the mood disorder.

I had a psychotic break 15 years ago. I also had euphioric highs and deep depressions. My depression was so deep I was put on antidepressants by my primary care doctor as I didn't know I had Bipolar II. 

During my psychotic break I thought I was using psychic abilities. I had hallucinations, visual and auditory. I thought I was communicating with actors and talk show guests through the Television. I thought I had telepathic communication with the man I loved in another country.

During my psychotic break everything was nonsense. I laughed at things that I thought were jokes that weren't. I lunged at people I thought were evil. I thought the man I loved was with me everywhere I went even though he was 3,000 miles away. I held a seat for him in a crowded movie theater because I thought he was physically with me even though he wasn't.

"I held a seat for him in a crowded
 movie theater because I thought he
 was physically with me even though
 he wasn't."

I was put on medication after this break and now I'm on less medication then I started out on all those years back.

Two years ago, I embraced my true psychic abilities again. 

I opened my heart to someone and fell in love. Also my Mom was sick during the that time. There were passed on ancestors communing with me during my Mom's time in the hospital. Both falling in love with someone and being close to someone who was very ill brought in my Spiritual awakening.

 "Both falling in love with someone
 and being close to someone who was
 very ill brought in my Spiritual

My Mom pulled through her illness. The man I love has stopped communication with me in life. I consider myself in a Twinflameship. It's like a relationship, but there is much that happens psychically between the two people because the two people are in seperation. I feel we communicate in the dream state. I don't know if anything will happen between us anymore. I just know I feel connected to him still.

My psychic abilities are strong. My mediumship abilities are stronger. Here is an anecdote I have for you to prove this point.

My Grandma passed away in February 2021 from Covid. The disease was still raging and she couldn't be buried until a week later. I communed with her all week. When it came time for the funeral, it was held on Zoom.

Before it started I had this feeling that I needed to clean up the space where I usually work in. It's away from my parents space. Its like a den area open to the other part of the living space. 

Some relatives that passed in the year before, visited me and told me to sweep up the space. One said "You know, you're going to have to come back and clean more up later".

I didn't think much of it, though he was very stern with me. It was unusual because when I knew him, he was so relaxed and in a pleasant mood.

My Dad insisted on watching the Funeral on Zoom on his own device. The funeral began and me and my Mom had to go to the other space I just cleaned up to watch the funeral since there was feedback from both devices playing in the same room. The funeral was the perfect send-off to a legend, my Grandma.

After the funeral was over, I went back to clean up anything I didn't clean up before. Then I had this feeling I needed to clean the kitchen. I swept under the stove. There was a piece of glass.

 "Then I had this feeling I needed to
 clean the kitchen. I swept under the
 stove. There was a piece of glass."

 All of us who live in the house have Diabetes. If any of us step on it, we could be in serious trouble with our health. 

My passed on relative who visited before smiled and said "See?" Then he left.

I'm still in awe of what took place. 

My Grandma was always on us about our health. My Grandpa died of complications from Diabetes as have other members of my family. She always wanted us to stay healthy.

I feel like she was looking out for us. Not only because we could develop infections from stepping on the glass, but that we could all do better in managing our Diabetes.

I still commune with my Grandma. She gives me advice on life. My Grandpa is my Guardian angel. He and my Grandma watch over me and the rest of my family.

Though I'm still grieving her loss, I know she is with all her family and friends who have passed. She is also with the love of her life. She is in Spirit and yet has a new life on the other side.

There are people who treat my mental illness and don't believe this story. 

They don't believe me when I tell them of other deaths in the family and I knew things of the deceased that I couldn't have known since I hadn't met them. 

They don't believe me when I tell them a Tarot card designer responded to a reading I did on Social Media with his cards. He commented on the reading I posted on Social Media over a year ago. I shared a message of text with an initial of a passed on ancestor. He said thank you and acknowledged he knew someone with said initial.

"I shared a message of text with an
 initial of a passed on ancestor. He
 said thank you and acknowledged he
 knew someone with said initial."

They don't believe me when I talk about my Twinflameship and that I recieve messages about my twin flame person and have confirmation it was real. Even when I tell them I recieved a channeled message from my Twinflame person before bed time. And that the next day an article popped up on my Social Media Timeline written by a man who had the same problem in a relationship that my Twinflame just experienced in one of his old relationships.

They don't trust that during my psychotic break my experience was brought on by my quitting an antidepressant completely without tapering off the pills with a doctor's supervision which caused me to have a drug trip.

They don't know I've had psychic ability all my life. But it was blocked until 2 years ago because I shut my heart and soul off from trusting in a higher power.

They're in disbelief when I say I'm doing better then I ever have before. Sure I'm only taking a Mood Stabalizer without the rest of the cocktail and we have a natural conversation. But I know deep down they're still convinced that any messages I hear from any spirit source are false. 

 "But I know deep down they're still
 convinced that any messages I hear
 from any spirit source are false."

They think I'm using my belief in my psychic abilities as a coping mechanism triggered by my relationship and family dynamics.

Here's what I know.

I'm telling my story because I know there are other people who've experienced the same things I have and continue to do so. 

I'm not afraid to speak up about my life. My ego wants validation that I'm mentally stable. My soul knows the only validation I need is from my Higher Power. 

 "My soul knows the only validation I
 need is from my Higher Power."

I'm not afraid to walk the line between my Bipolar I diagnosis and my Psychic Mediumship ability anymore. I know it's my true nature to embrace the unknown.

And in doing that I live.

Do you have a mental illness and psychic mediumship ability?

 Comment below!

 Thanks for reading!

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