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My YouTube Channel: Jessica Hensley
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Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Gateway Tarot Spread


Hi Crystal Friends

I've made a tarot spread with free editable files for you to download. Not only that I have a diagram for you in this post to look at before you download the phone wallpapers.

Here is how the Gateway Tarot spread Works:

1. Shuffle your cards. They can be Tarot, Oracle, or any cards you use for divination.

2. Ask your question.

3. Pull cards 1-5. Card 5 gives more insight to your question.

4. Card 6 is optional. You can sit with the first five cards and figure out your answer or pull card 6 for a hint to figure out your answer.

5. Write out the answer to your question.

You can edit the wallpaper with your text. You have a choice between silver gray and charcoal gray background with complimentary gray text for each choice. The backgrounds are painted and edited by me. The Font is also created by me.

I'm interested in hearing your feedback. I'm planning on selling unmarked versions without a watermark. They will still be editable photo files. I also will provide them in printable format.

The one's here are png files. You can edit and save as a jpg for printing if you'd like.

Here is the diagram of the spread. And below that is the wallpapers.

May your Halloween

provide a sheen

to the answers you seek

and the questions you ask all week.


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New Introductory offer
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