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Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Connection of Protection and the Spirit: A Mini Qabalah Reading with Channelled Art work

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The Connection of Protection and the Spirit: A Mini Qabalah Reading with Channelled Art work


The Connection of Protection and the Spirit Reading with Spirit Song Tarot

Today we’re pulling cards on the Qabalah Tree Pathway 14, Connection. This combines Point 2 Wisdom and Point 3 Understanding with Point 0 Knowledge.


I’m using the Spirit Song Tarot to Pull the Cards Today.


Starting with the right hand side in Wisdom’s Point is Ten of Crystals, also known as Ten of Pentacles (Stability and Attainment). On the left hand side in Understanding’s point is Page of Crystals also known as the Page of Pentacles (Ideas and Discipline). In the Middle point is knowledge read along with Understanding is the King of Crystals also known as the King of Pentacles (Courage and Commitment).


Wisdom: Ten of Crystals, The Alligator. Keywords: Solid foundations, security, success. Concept: Room for growth with a solid foundation in place.


Understanding: Page of Crystals, The Fox. Keywords: Opportunity, new ideas, consistent productivity. Concept: Continue to use resources wisely.


Knowledge: King of Crystals: Tiger Keywords: protection, determination, security, courage, Key concept: Be satisfied with what you have accomplished.


Spirit says the collective whom identifies with this reading is highly connected to their spirit team they are also protected and supported by their Spirit team especially in business.

Take a little form each card and apply the concepts explained to your life and your desires will manifest.


Remember you must always meet spirit half way when manifesting. It’s good to be specific about what your want to leave a little bit open for spirit to help you commit to working on your projects that you are manifesting.


I heard specifically people may be working on crafts to make a living. Remember crafts not only can be made and sold, they can be taught to be made and sold. They are multiple sources of income to be made if you are creative and work with crafts.


That’s the reading. Here is the channeled protection drawing which I did before I pulled the cards. I thought I’d pull cards after since that is what Spirit wanted me to do. You can download this onto your phone. It has no branding. If you liked this reading and download the image and find it helpful, then feel free to leave a donation to my PayPal link on the left hand sidebar of my website if you wish. There is no obligation too, however if does help me to pay for expenses of the website including buying art supplies to make more art.


Thanks for reading.

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